Members of The Jury

Ahmet Çıtıpıtıoğlu – TAV
Daniel Kazado – ProCS
Doç.Dr.Esin Ergen Pehlevan – ITU Faculty of Civil Engineering
Hale Kavala – Alarko Contracting Group
Mehmet Polat Diker – Tekfen
Doç.Dr.Ozan Önder Özener – ITU Faculty of Architecture
Salih Ofluoğlu – Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University
Report Of The Jury

  Jury 2017
Ahmet Çıtıpıtıoğlu TAV
Daniel Kazado ProCS
Doç. Dr. Esin Ergen Pehlevan ITU Faculty of Civil Engineering
Niyazi Kemer Autodesk
Yrd. Doç. Dr. Ozan Önder Özener ITU Faculty of Architecture
Prof. Dr. Salih Ofluoğlu Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar University
Report Of The Jury 12710978_1076030819086367_7511532893368023259_o
Ahmet Çıtıpıtıoğlu TAV
Daniel Kazado ProCS
Yrd. Doç. Dr. Ozan Önder Özener ITU Faculty of Architecture
Report Of The Jury DT-tutanak1

Scoring and Rewards


Modeling and Design (%20)

  • Arcitectural modeling and design decisions
  • Structural modeling,structural modeling decisions and structural analyzes
  • MEP modeling and design decisions

BIM Execution Plan (%10)

  • It is expected to observe the BIM Execution Plan prepared during the project processes.

Preliminary (%5)

  • Creation of families
  • Creation of smart materials (loading data into elements)

Interference Checking (%5)

  • It is requested that there should not be incompatible interferences in the project.

Shop Drawing (%10)

  • Section views
  • Floor plans

Planning  ( %15)

  • Quantity survey (pdf/excel)
  •  Time Lapse
  • 4D Navisworks video (.nwd and .avi)

Animation and Renders (%5)

  • Animasyon video (.avi)

*max 2 min.

*max 300 mb

  • Renders

*15 renders

Sustainability Strategy (%10)

  • Basic energy analysis

Presentation (%10)

  • Design objectives
  • Project properties
  • 10 min. jury presentation

Public Voting (%10)

  • It will be online for 7 days.


Rating will be according to the scorecard above  and will be done by the jury composed of expert instructors and academicians. After the jury’s scoring;

First prize 5.000 tl

Second prize 3.000 tl

Third prize 2.000 tl

Project Delivery Format and Criterias

Projects will be delivered online through uploading projects to website of the competition which is

Documents required:

  • A presentation in pdf format (1000 words at most)
  • Preliminary file created on Revit
  • 4D Naviswork video of the project (* .nwd)
  • Quantity survey file created on Revit (US Standarts)
  • Shop drawing 2D (*.dwg)


  • Quantity survey file should be created on Revit.
  • 4D video should be made with Naviswork.
  • Shop drawing file should be created.
  • Preliminary( family,materials with data) must be done.
  • Project will be designed on the stated field given by Project Competition Committee.
  • Designed project should include the time dimension.
  • Detail level on the BIM design should be LOD400.
  • Design specification which is stated by competition committee should be considered at the stage of designing the project.
  • Mechanic requirements of the project and specification will be given to the teams.

Competition Rules and Mechanism

  • People should participate Design Together as a team.
  • Each team has to contain at least 1 civil engineering,1 mechanical engineering and 1 architecture student and each team can have minimum 3, maximum 6 people.
  • Civil and mechanical engineering students have to be at least juniors in terms of credit that have been given succesfully and architecture student has to be at least sophomores in terms of credit that have been succesfully. Graduate students can also participate.
  • One student can not participate in more than one team.
  • Applications will be open from 1st November 2017 to 20th November 2017. Applications will be submitted online.
  • Students who are relative of any jury member cannot participate to the competition.
  • It is expected from teams to design the building stated on the spesification with using BIM system.
  • Foreign contestants do not have to attend to the preeducation which is on 1-2-3 December 2017. Necessary instructional documents will be provided online by us.
  • Teams can advise from consultant on condition that team has to give information about consultant to MHK.
  • Deadline for the projects is 10th of February 2018. Projects will be delivered online.
  • Committee of competition has every right deleting rejecting registration if it is necessary.
  • Muhendislige Hazirlik Kulubu and supporters of competition have every right of publication and presentation of projects.
  • Teams that will not obey the rules will be eliminated.

Design Together with Building Information Modeling

ITU Muhendislige Hazirlik Kulubu ( MHK ) which is established in 1990,made on impression with various events and competitions. Design Together is first organized in 2014. Main purpose of the competition is to raise the awareness of the BIM. What is expected from the participants is to build teams formed of at least 1 civil engineering student,1 mechanical engineering student and 1 architecture student and to design the project according to given specification while using BIM system.

Our Vision:
MHK supports engineering students to be graduated as well-educated engineers.

Our Mission:
Our mission is raising awareness of the BIM(Building Information Modeling) system which construction industry needs to help engineering students designing public welfare projects as competent engineers.

Muhendislige Hazirlik Kulubu

The ITU Muhendislige Hazirlik Kulubu(MHK), is a society that desires to make ITU students feel prestigious, to inspire students to think like engineers and adopt to engineering, while also strengthening the social impulse within ITU. Whilst attending club activities, students will gain access with not only the academic and administrative crew, but also with firms working in private sectors, thus allowing members to gain a professional network. Our former members who wanted to learn how to be active, successful and that they can professionally prove themselves, have made a colossal difference in their careers, making the club proud. As MHK, we will be honoured to see you within us, “The Future`s Engineer”.